So excited!!!  Here we GOOOOOOOOO!!!

Welcome to Heartfelt Greetings peeps!

We are very excited to be launching our Website, and thank you for joining us.  It's been an incredible learning curve getting to this point, and I'm sure there's a lot more to come, but we're READY to GO!!!!!!

As you'll see, we are still in our infancy, with new products being uploaded daily, and when I say daily, stock is coming in faster than I can upload it, so I'll be living in front of my laptop for weeks!!!  We've just formed a relationship with Kaisercraft and Coco Vanilla (who doesn't love them?!!!) and Chameleon who do the most awesome art pens.  As you'll see we are already big fans of Me & My Big Ideas products, and while we might endeavor to make our own greeting cards, as Paper Craft Addicts know, when we really get down to it, we probably don't make quite as many as we'd like.  So to cover those bases, we've introduced a UK Company called Flamingo Paperie, who are also in their infancy like us (see attached image), but have the most gorgeous range of greeting cards; very different from what we see on the Australian market, but beautiful to write in, and even beautifully priced.  

We intend to be increasing our stamp range and patterned papers over the next few months including embellishments as well.  Copic Pens will be entering the range shortly too. The Planner range will also increase as will their accessories.  

We are also keeping our eye peeled for other life planner ranges to introduce that meet our criteria of being fun, funky, whimsical, elegant, comical, and ever so functional.  Don't we NEED functional!!!  But of course colour, and brightness in our days don't hurt a bit either.....

So as the stock keeps coming and taking over my house :-) (can definitely think of worse things), please keep checking back, and if you're not on our Heartfelt Greetings Facebook Page, please join as this is our page to get info to you faster.  But also consider joining the exclusive Heartfelt Paper Addicts group on Facebook.  There will be lots more happen in this exclusive group, like competitions as membership grows, and giveaways to those that have supported Heartfelt Greeting from the beginning, so don't miss out on that.  Also, our Heartfelt Greetings Mailer will be another outlet for finding out what's coming up, sales on the horizon, stock that's arrived etc. So there are may ways to be involved with us at Paper Addict HQ, and we always love a good laugh and chat!

So once again, thanks for joining us on this ride.  It's time to get crackin'!  There's much work to be done here, ordering stock, looking all googly eyed and feeling like a little girl in a lolly shop working out which delights to get for us all first....big sigh.....I'm not sure how I'm going to cope ;-) But remember, you can be a part of this as well!!  Share your thoughts will us below in the 'comments' section of the Blog Box. Maybe you'd like to see a particular product in the range, maybe you'd like to see a demo on a particular product, or maybe you could share how you've used a product in the past. I'm sure you all have lots we Hearties can learn from you!!

I couldn't love my job more! Looking forward to reading your comments...Until the next blog my Hearties......Greet your day in a colourful way!!! Hope your Valentines Day is special, and love WOW's your day in all it's varied forms......

With Heartfelt Greetings