Welcome to Heartfelt Greetings

Here, we aim to meet all your paper addiction needs, from the whimsical, comical and elegant, to the functional and creative.  You'll find Greeting Cards, Life Planners, Organisers, Jotters and Paper for creative and decorative uses, and their awesome accessories.  We hope you love it here.  We do - ENJOY!!

Tombow Bulk Buy Deal

We're so excited to introduce the Tombow Dual Tip Brush Marker Pen to our range of Art Pens. 

Such a versatile Brush Marker that is great for many of your Paper Addiction pursuits.  Use them for your Cardmaking, Scrapbooking, Brush Lettering, Bullet Journaling, Water Colouring etc 

But the best thing is:  You can get 10 Tombows in the colour of YOUR CHOICE for $5.20ea.  Simply use code: TOMBOWS BULK BUY at Checkout to get the discount off 10 of your Tombow Brush Markers.  PLEASE NOT:  Only 1 discount code can be used per order.

A Whole NEW Stamping dimension: The Lawn Fawn Reveal Wheel

If you're a Card Making Addict, you're going to delighted with the NEW Lawn Fawn Reveal Wheel System that opens up new dimensions to your card making passion.  Enjoy the 'how to' video below and find the Reveal Wheel range in our Stamping Collection.  

New In Stock

Heartfelt Paper Addicts

If you're a fun, interactive, 'likes to have a chat' kinda peep, go to the 'Heartfelt Paper Addicts' Facebook page, help us get to know you by answering a few questions, and share what you're up to, and join in on a competitions etc.  Hope to see you there :-) 

Come see the range:

If you are local to Heartfelt Greetings, and you'd like to see our growing and ever changing range, please email, and we'll set something up!!  Heartfelt Greetings resides in the township of Thirlmere, NSW, near Trainworks Museum.

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